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We stock much of our range online but some items are unable to be purchased online as they require local delivery - if you can't find something on our website please call us for more information.

Energy Products

  • Coal & Smokeless Fuels, offer an efficient and economical option for heating and cooking. Available in a range of types to suit varied appliances, we can provide the energy for a cosy atmosphere, easy guaranteed heat and, for certain multi-fuel appliances the means to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Domestic Heating Oil, we can deliver heating oil to your home and business. We pride ourselves on our professional, efficient and competitive service as expected of an 80 year + family business.  We offer red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (derv) and kerosene (domestic heating oil) plus we can service and maintain your boiler.  Kerosene can be taken in 50 litre increments with a 500 litre minimum order quantity and is subject to daily ‘spot’ pricing to offer you the keenest possible deal.
  • LPG Bottled Gases, LPG Bottled Gas is a versatile fuel offering the same comfort, efficiency and applications for domestic and commercial use as mains gas, wherever you live. Whether it is to heat your home/for a real flame fire, to fuel the barbecue on a summers evening, to relax outside with the warmth of a patio heater as the evening chills or to provide the energy on your camping trips, Northover Fuels can provide a suitable solution. We offer butane and propane in a range of cylinder sizes and types with a free cylinder connection service and safe removal of unwanted cylinders*. Supply and delivery is prompt and guaranteed. (*cylinder deposits charged on new deliveries).
  • Charcoal, Kindling & Fuel Sundries, For indoor and outdoor living at home or away, Northover Fuels can provide a wide range of energy consumables from wood/logs through barbecue charcoal to paraffin and firelighters. Backed with the Northover Fuels guarantee of reliability, quality and service, all of our products come pre-packed for easy storage, use and convenience.

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